Property Management Issues

Your first visit to any apartment is probably spent just verifying the issue is what the tenant says it is. You then have to go get the tools and order the parts to actually fix the problem. Viewabo can help you jump right into fixing issues. You might not even need to visit at all.

Tenants might want to be home when you arrive, but they’re often at work, or out running errands. Viewabo can help you see the issues tenants face without you needing to visit, freeing up time and effort to make more tenants happy, faster.

Maintenance emergencies happen when they’re least expected. Weather damage, pest infestations, or equipment breakdowns. By allowing you to see issues remotely, Viewabo can help you better address items within your control and take preventive action before they become emergencies.

Easier Remote Rental Management

Resolve Tenant Issues Quickly

Send a link to a tenant so they can show you their issue. You’ll understand their problem easier and get repairs done faster with fewer visits needed.

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Give Troubleshooting Tips With Annotations

Viewabo Live with annotations and pause lets you guide tenants through diagnosing issues and simple self-fixes remotely, making maintenance support easy, anywhere, anytime.

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Easy Documentation & Training

Documenting the status of your properties before move-ins and after move-outs, helping property managers avoid disputes with tenants. Video recordings allow you to easily onboard new maintenance team members and other staff.

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How Viewabo Works

Copy, text, or email a link to your customer to begin a live video session or to request a video recording.


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Connect With a Link

Send the customer an SMS link; get access to their phone camera for full visibility.


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See What They See

Mobile video support allows you and the customer to identify the issue more quickly.


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Annotate and Pause

Annotate and pause video on tenants' screens to provide fast diagnosis and immediate guidance.


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Solve and Save

Viewabo sessions are recorded and saved for record-keeping or internal training.

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1. Tenant Submits Maintenance Request

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Contacts property management company to report issue.

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Property Manager

Receives request.

customer service agents working together

2. Staff Schedules Maintenance Visit

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Waits days or even weeks before maintenance arrives. Frustrated with the issue and the delayed resolution.

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Maintenance Staff

Informs maintenance team about the work order but doesn’t have much detail to provide.

customer waiting in front of computer

3. Maintenance Staff Visits On-Site

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Waits days before maintenance arrives and is already frustrated with the issue.

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Maintenance Staff

Arrives to resolve the problem but discovers they don’t have the right parts. They have to make a followup visit on a separate day.

customer service agent fixing computer

4. Issue is Finally Resolved

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After multiple visits, the problem is fixed, but the tenant has lost faith in the property management company’s ability to resolve issues efficiently.

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Property Manager

Struggles to reassure the tenant and hopes they do not move elsewhere when lease term is up. Damage control on review sites.

customer searching a website

1. Tenant Submits Maintenance Request

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Contacts property management company to report issue.

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Property Manager

Receives request. Sends Viewabo link to tenant to get more info.

agent helping customer through their phone

2. Staff Diagnoses Issue Remotely

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Uses Viewabo link to show their issue via video.

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Maintenance Staff

Sees the problem that the tenant is reporting and gathers tools and parts to fix the issue.

happy customer gives 5 star review

3. Issue Resolved Quickly

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Feels involved and supported by property management company and writes a 5-star review. Renews lease and refers friends.

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Property Manager

Feels good about making the tenant happy and feels less concerned about retaining renters.

Create a Better Rental Experience

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Know Before You Go

Diagnose issues via video so you can arrive on site fully prepared to complete fixes without any wasted time or effort. Tenants love efficient service!

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Prevent Emergencies

Perform preventative maintenance checks remotely to keep your property in tip-top shape without extra travel costs.

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Win at Service

Fast and easy service delivery means happy tenants. Happy tenants write 5-star reviews and refer friends and family.

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Provide Comprehensive Video Support

Viewabo lets you see what tenants need to show you without anyone having to install any apps or tediously poke at problems in endless chains of back-and-forth messages.

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Lower Operational Costs and Effort

Viewabo’s video solutions let maintenance staff see issues before any visits are needed. Property staff can also remotely show occupants how to address simple issues and instruct them how to operate and maintain appliances, freeing up vital personnel resources.

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A customer service agent watching plumbing installation

Increase Retention and Positive Reviews

Using a remote visual support tool like Viewabo creates a low-effort experience for renters. Tenants who receive swift and thoughtful attention from property managers are happier and therefore much more likely to result in increased revenue.

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A Smooth Management Process

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Deliver a faster and easier maintenance process with Viewabo’s remote visual support solutions. Save yourself time, money, and keep your tenants happy.

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Companies Rely on Viewabo to Make Customers Happy

bevi logo

Bevi uses Viewabo to fix and maintain their commercial water coolers off-site.

NZXT uses Viewabo to help troubleshoot and configure their custom gaming PCs.

cyberpower pc logo

CyberpowerPC uses Viewabo to help troubleshoot and configure their custom gaming PCs.

Computer Hardware uses Viewabo to diagnose computer issues and accelerate resolutions.

"We could spend 30 minutes with a customer going over cables one by one to find the right one, but with Viewabo, it can be done in seconds."

- Director of Customer Service at NZXT

"Viewabo has gotten some great feedback from our customers. It is easy to use for both support and the end-user."

-Director of Support at Bevi

"We can quickly set up a session without any hassle and without the customer's frustration, making it easy and fast to help them with their tech problems."

-- Tech support representative at CyberPowerPC

"Customers are quite surprised when we use Viewabo. They say 'Wow! You guys are actually able to see what I'm seeing right now!"

-- Tech support representative at CyberPowerPC

"I was on Viewabo and it turned out that the user didn't hook up the cables right. If it wasn't for Viewabo I don't think I would have been able to solve that case."

-- Tech Support Representative at CyberPowerPC

"This person was plugging in their monitor cable into the motherboard instead of the graphics card. Because [of the] Viewabo app, I didn't have to have them send in their graphics card for a replacement."

-- Tech Support Representative at CyberPowerPC

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