Visual Support For Zendesk

Viewabo’s remote visual support software amplifies the quality and care of your customer service workflow through Zendesk.

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Accelerate Your Support Speed

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Easy Access from Zendesk Top Bar

Get started in seconds from Zendesk top bar menu and initiate Live Session for real-time visual support or Request Video for asynchronous support during off-hours.

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Draw & Guide Directly From Tickets

Viewabo enables agents to provide real-time annotations on-window for troubleshooting guides at touchpoints on Zendesk, bringing a speedier resolution to your workflow.

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Provide Visual Support Asynchronously

Send a link from Request Video to customers to let them send back a video of their issues to you. Elevate customer service beyond the constraints of staff shifts.

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Get Full Context with Recordings

Know what happened from customer interactions with agents with Viewabo Recordings which are attached to Zendesk support tickets associated with the call.

Amplify Your Existing Workflow

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