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Viewabo Live helps you reach the "Ah-ha" moment by enabling you to see what your customers see in real-time, making resolutions easier and faster.

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Resolve Problems in Real-Time

Assist your customers in real-time and see what is happening by sending an SMS link to access their phone cameras. Viewabo Live helps you diagnose and resolve issues faster as if you were there in person.

When precision is needed, pause the video to get a clearer view of what the customer is seeing. This makes it easier for you to diagnose issues and better guide customers on what to do using on-screen annotations.

After a Viewabo Live video session is completed, a recording of the session is saved for record-keeping. You can always refer back to previous sessions to see what happened for training, quality assurance, or other purposes.

Live, Quick, Effective

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Remove the Confusion

When customers need immediate assistance, meet them where they are with Viewabo Live. Remove guesswork and see issues in real-time when interacting with customers.

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Annotate for Installation

Use Viewabo Live Annotations to bridge gaps in understanding when remotely assisting customers on installations or troubleshooting.

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Collaborate to Troubleshoot

Enhance customer service with Viewabo Live for real-time collaboration with customers to quickly resolve their issues.

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Know What Happened

Viewabo Live video sessions are recorded for your record-keeping so that you can always go back to see what happened.

Extend Your Help Desk’s Toolbox

Viewabo Live can be integrated with your existing workflows in Zendesk or Freshdesk. Get started with real-time visual support using one of our available integrations below.


Viewabo Live enables Zendesk users to provide real-time visual support to their customers from the Zendesk interface.

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Enhance Freshdesk's capabilities with real-time visual assistance using a seamless integration with Viewabo Live.

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