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Prioritize customer requests at scale by allowing customers to submit video recordings of their issues directly from their phone without installing an app.

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App-Free Video Recordings from Customers

There's no need for your customers to download an app or use any app at all! Viewabo Request lets you send a link to their email address or in a chat message and customers can submit a video recording directly using their phone's camera.

Clients can submit video recordings when you're not available and they get saved for later review. Take a look when you have the time to see what the client wanted to show you.

Customers can often run into issues with file size limits when trying to send video recordings through email or web forms. Viewabo Request makes it easy for your customers to record and submit video recordings to you.

Asynchronous, Frictionless, Efficient

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Asynchronous Video Support

Viewabo Request enables flexibility and efficiency to deliver resolutions faster when customer inquiry goes to asynchronous channels, such as email.

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Seamless Video Submission

Never let file size limits slow down your support processes. Viewabo offers customers an easier way: access a link, record the issue, submit the video.

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Business Hours Agnostic

Elevate customer service beyond the constraints of staff shift, time zones. Viewabo Request allows your customers to send you a clear visual summary of issues.

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Prioritize Customer Requests

Agents can quickly understand customer problems when they receive a video from customers to prioritize tickets depending on the levels of complexity & urgency.

Empower Your Help Desk

Viewabo Request (currently in beta) is available with our integrations with Zendesk and Freshdesk. Request your customers to send you a video recording of their issues from your help desk without having them install anything.


Get started with a frictionless experience for your customers. No app needed for your customers to send you a video recording.

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Improve your support efficiency by having your customers send you a video recording of their issues, even if you're off-hours.

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